Sustainable Construction


Green may seem to be the fad of the day, however, the principles are solid, logical, and will stand the test of time. Green is not just about recycling. It is mainly about reducing the carbon footprint and impact we have on the environment. The main goal of green construction is to develop projects that are self-sustaining and healthier for the inhabitants and the environment. Green projects target water conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, renewable finishes, the use of local construction materials and non-evasive, drought tolerant landscaping.

Many Architects have been designing projects with green elements for years. The largest impediment to going green on construction projects has been costs. Green is often considered to add initial costs to construction which deters Owners and Contractors alike. Today, however, the gap is closing and the return on initial investment can be received much sooner through technological advances in sustainable construction materials, means, and methods. Technology and overcoming the learning curve are bringing the cost down substantially. Let RP Witt be your partner in determining whether green is beneficial for your project by preparing a rate of return analysis.

RP Witt was green from the company’s inception. From day one, we were committed to building healthier, more efficient projects. In 2007 we worked with a Jacksonville CDC to establish the first LEED affordable home program in Northeast Florida. We have completed 6 additional LEED projects. We are members of two local USGBC (United States Green Building Council) Chapters as well as a national member. The President, R. Paul Witt, sits on the North Florida US Green Building Committee and he helps implement new goals and programs.



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