Core Markets


RP Witt Construction’s Hotel Portfolio includes many hotel brands such as Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Choice Hotels, Starwood and Wyndham.  Our experience in the Hotel market includes Design-Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting.  As an Owner, you look for high quality and low maintenance and RP Witt fulfills your wants by utilizing our experience with construction means and methods as well as assisting in material selections.  We want your guests to enjoy their stay with you and rave about your establishment.  Our Design and Building Team have the experience and professionalism that will deliver a high quality Hotel within your budget.


RP Witt Construction’s Restaurant Portfolio has a wide base from National, Regional and Local clientele.  Our Team has experience in Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting for this market segment.  We know what it takes to construct restaurants with high quality and durability so your customers have a great experience at your dining and entertainment facilities for years to come.  We take the lead and assists our clients with their restaurant equipment, whether Owner direct purchased or included in our contract.  Our experience and understanding of our Restaurant segment will provide you with a top level professional Building Team that delivers your desired results.


RP Witt Construction has a diverse portfolio of experience which includes the Industrial segment of our business.  Our Team has experience in working on active Industrial Plants such as Anheuser Busch, Citrus Plants, Electrical Power Plants, Water/Sewage Treatment Facilities, Hydrogenation Plants, Bottling, and Material Manufacturing Plants.  This market demands the attention of specialty contractors who are familiar with this work and the working conditions that accompany projects.  Whether it is a Pipe Valve & Fitting Supplier, Mechanical Contractor, or Pipe Crew, every aspect of this work is crucial to the completion of the projects.  Coordination and Schedule are important, but Safety comes first in our business.  Our experience and understanding of the Industrial market will provide you with a top level professional Construction Management Team that delivers results.


RP Witt Construction has a multitude of experience in the Corporate Office segment of our business.  Our Team has experience in working on Corporate Offices such as Pixar Studios and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.    The Office Construction market demands skilled attention to structured wiring and high end security.  Our proactive approach allows owners to fast track projects by starting on the Shell Structure while the Tenant Improvement drawings are still being completed.    Our experience and understanding of the Corporate Office needs and requirements helps us assist owners and architects with anticipated design changes.  We will provide you with a high caliber Construction Management Team that provides measurable success.

Health Care

RP Witt Construction’s Management Team has a variety of experience working in the Biotech segment of our business.  Our Team has worked on Projects such as the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Campus in Torrey Pines, CA.   We are geared to the highly specialized construction demands that laboratory projects impose on construction management teams.  Our experience and knowledge of this type of construction allows us to provide management services in a highly efficient and proactive manner.  We will provide you with a construction experience that exceeds your expectations and provides you with measurable success.


Retail is a specialty segment of RP Witt Construction’s core market.   We have developed a skilled and experienced team to manage the demands of quality, safety, and schedule that retail developers require.   Our team has worked on projects, such as Bay Street Emeryville, an outdoor multi-story shopping mall and multiple shopping centers.   We have won a City Beautification Award for our Lifetime Properties retail project.  Our familiarity in many different types of retail construction grants owners and developers a faster paced and higher quality project.  We will provide you with a Construction Management Team that will guaranty a successful project and exceed your expectations.

Faith Based

RP Witt Construction’s Faith Based construction portfolio of experience includes the Design-Build project for River of Life Methodist Church, Madison Youth Ranch for the Florida United Methodist Church, Columbarium Expansion for All Saints Episcopal Church, Assumption Catholic Church Addition and Renovation and Design-Build Science Lab for Christ the King Catholic School.  We understand the schedule, cost demands and committee reporting that Faith Based Projects dictate and we will exceed your expectations.  Our know-how allows us to run an efficient project and our teamwork management approach maintains high productivity from all parties involved.   RP Witt prides itself on creating and fostering a teamwork environment and we work hand in hand with the Owner and their Committee. We have the experience that you need for small projects to building entire campuses.  We will provide you with a professional Builder Team that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Tenant Improvements

RP Witt Construction has a host of experience in many different types of Tenant Improvement construction.  Office remodels, department and small retail stores, salons, and restaurants are just a few of the projects completed by our Management Team.  Our ability and skilled know-how translates to a smooth run, fast pace, and safe job.  We will provide you with a Construction Management Team that is detail oriented and we ensure each step of construction is thoroughly coordinated.  Whether you are remodeling one office to building out over 50,000 square feet of space, we are your Construction Experts.  We will exceed your expectations and deliver a quality project on time and in budget.

Mixed Use

RP Witt Construction has gained a mass of construction knowledge and experience on Mixed-Use Projects and has made this type of construction one of our specialty segments.   Our construction experience entails 224 condo units over 40,000 square feet of commercial space, 140 condo units over 25,000 square feet of commercial, along with many other smaller scale projects.  Each component of construction must be carefully coordinated to meet the schedule and budget demands imposed on this type of project.  Our understanding of the Mixed-Use market will provide you with a top level professional Construction Management Team that delivers measurable results.


Apartments are a specialty in RP Witt Construction’s diverse portfolio and apartments have become one of our core markets.  Our construction experience entails over 224 condo units. We have the experience that it takes to coordinate the project such as the interior design aspects to meeting the lease agreement deadlines.  Our Building Team is well versed with the requirements of this type of project.  Whether it’s framing or erecting the superstructure or making sure cabinets and countertops meet ADA requirement we have a construction team that is preplanning every step of the way.  We will provide you measurable success and exceed your expectations.



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